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 Must Have List:

  • Fluent English
  • Solid work history
  • Legal documents
  • American driver's license
  • Recent applicable experience
  • Checkable reference numbers

Helpful Suggestions for interviews:

Be on time:
A practice run is always helpful.

Dress Appropriately:
Not the time for heavy makeup or sloppy apparel

Respect your ex-employer's privacy:
Keep personal things about them to yourself

Tell a new employer what you can do for them:
Instead of concentrating on what they can do for you

Talk about your special qualities:
But don't overdo it and don't forget to listen

Stick to the salary range that the agency quoted:
Future increases have to be earned

Be yourself:
Because no-one can do that better than you.

To Contact Us:
email: capitolsearch@optimum.net
phone: 201-444-6666
Address: 215 E Ridgewood Ave., 07450